Court Security

The Courthouse Security Office is located on the first floor of the Manistee County Courthouse building, at 415 Third Street in the City of Manistee, across the hall from the County Controller/Administrator’s Office. Court Deputies will assist citizens in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. Please advise them of anyone or anything that is suspicious or out of the ordinary anywhere in the vicinity of the courthouse.

Courthouse Security Functions

  • Provide for the safety for courthouse employees by patrolling through the courthouse and monitoring the facility via surveillance cameras
  • Provide for the safety and security of the 19th Circuit, 85th District, Probate, and Friend of the Court, including court room and presiding officials
  • Provide Bailiff Duties for the courts as requested
  • Conduct tests of the courthouse emergency systems
  • Coordinate the transport of prisoners to and from the courts

Courtroom Etiquette

  • All males need to remove their headgear prior to entering.
  • Cell phones and pagers need to be turned off or placed on either silent or vibrate.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Security staff may remove offenders from the building, and Judges may hold violators in contempt of court.
  • All persons conducting business with the court will address the Judge as "Your Honor".
  • Litigants need to ask questions pertaining to legal matters with their attorneys and not security or court staff.

Prohibited In Courtrooms

  • Children (except those that are pertinent to a case)
  • Electronic recording devices (unless approved by the court)
  • Excessive or loud talking
  • Food, beverages, chewing gum, tobacco
  • Inappropriate attire, such as:
    • Baggy pants that fall below the hips
    • Clothing with profanity, depicting violence or sexual acts, or promoting drug or alcohol use
    • Cut-off jeans
    • Halter tops
    • Hats (except those worn for religious purposes or by women)
    • Micro-mini skirts
    • Muscle shirts
    • Pants with holes
    • Shorts
    • Tank tops
  • Newspapers or magazines
  • Weapons (any type)