Duties & Responsibilities

In accordance with the Constitution of the State of Michigan, the County Register (or Registrar) of Deeds is an officer of the county and as such is elected on a partisan basis every four years.

The office of the Register of Deeds serves as a repository for all official records relating to real property (land) located in the county. The duties and responsibilities for the county Register of Deeds are specified by state law, including but not limited to recording, indexing and retaining documents that convey or encumber real estate located in the county.

A document received by the Register of Deeds Office for recording goes through a recordation process that involves seven steps. These steps typically take one to two business days to complete.

Research Facility

In accordance with Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 565.551, the Register of Deeds "shall furnish proper and reasonable facilities for the inspection and examination of the records and files in his or her office".

As such, the Register of Deeds office may also be used as a research facility for attorneys, title companies, banks and the public to examine and/or copy any documents of interest in a particular property in our county.

Public Searches Notice

Due to staffing reductions the Register of Deeds office is temporarily unable to perform public searches.

To conduct online searches: