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The County Board of Commissioners is the chief policy-making body of the county government, but is also involved in some administrative activities.

Evaluating Proposals

The chief role of the County Board is to be the legislative body of county government. As such it services as the "gatekeeper" of many county activities. The main responsibility of a legislative body is to evaluate critically the proposals for change from the status quo. Most of the proposals will come from the outside-citizens, administrators of county departments, the state legislature or the courts. But some will come from individual commissioners as well or from board committees.

Typically, a board responds to a proposal by adopting (with or without changes) or defeating a resolution. Most board actions take the form of a resolution. The procedure for adopting ordinances is a bit more complex and counties generally adopt few ordinances compared to city government.


Another dimension of the board as legislative body is the oversight function - inquiring into the affairs of county agencies, assessing their performance, and through the adoption of resolutions, providing new policy direction or assistance in solving problems.