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Most people are familiar with the Amber Alert system for children abducted by strangers. Amber Alerts are very effective, partly because their use is limited to cases matching select criteria. Unfortunately, this does prevent them from being used for other missing person cases. That’s where A Child Is Missing comes in.A Child is Missing logo
The first several hours after a child, elderly, or disabled person is reported missing can be critical to the successful outcome of the case.  A Child Is Missing (ACIM) assists law enforcement in the search and early safe recovery efforts of children/elderly/disabled persons via a rapid response neighborhood alert program utilizing high-tech telephone systems.  ACIM provides timely information to the public about the missing person by generating telephone calls to local residents and businesses after the initiation by law enforcement.
A Child Is Missing is active in our community!  To help further aid law enforcement in the devastating event of a missing child or person, please visit to add your mobile phone to the alert contact list.
The ACIM organization provides a computerized phone notification system to assist in locating missing persons. Upon notification by law enforcement of a missing person case, ACIM can call up to 1000 phones per minute in an expanding radius around the last known location. The automated calls provide descriptions of the people involved and any known information, along with a call back number for sightings.

ACIM can generate thousands of active searchers in a short period and often results in quick resolutions to missing or abducted person cases. The Manistee County Sheriff’s Office is proud to partner with ACIM for missing person cases in Manistee County.

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