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Marine Officer

Deputy Mike Sekuris

(231) 723-8393 Extension 5123


The Manistee County Sheriff’s Marine Division patrols over 23 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline with three Lake Michigan access ports. One has a deep water port with a large volume of commercial traffic. The Marine Division also routinely patrols six of our countie's larger inland lakes and over 60 miles of area rivers.



Our Marine Division consists of one full time officer and one part time officer who are responsible for maintaining public safety on all bodies of water throughout Manistee County.   The full time officer handles the Snowmobile Division during the winter months from November 1st through March 31st each year.

Deputy Mike Sekuris is in charge of over seeing the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Marine and Snowmobile divisions. Deputy Sekuris has over 13 years of service with the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office, and 21 total years in law enforcement. Deputy Sekuris took over the Marine and Snowmobile divisions in 2013 after the retirement of Deputy Steve Block.  During most summers, the Sheriff's Office employs an Assistant Marine Deputy to help with the program.



The Sheriff’s Marine Division is responsible for enforcing Michigan's marine laws, investigate boating accidents, conducting livery inspections, search and rescue operations, body recovery and instructing boater safety classes to area youths.



The Sheriff’s Marine Division Patrol vessels consist of the following:

(Lake Michigan Craft)  25’ Sea Ark powered by twin 150 hp Evinrude e-tec engines.



(Inland Lake Craft) a 19’ Triumph powered by a 150 hp Evinrude e-tec engine.




(River Craft) a 18’ Lowe flat bottom powered by a 90 hp jet-drive Evinrude e-tec engine.



(Jet-Ski) a Kawasaki 900


Manistee County has a variety of vessel traffic each season. Commercial freighters, large numbers of Lake Michigan fishing vessels, and increasing river traffic which includes power fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts and tubes. The lakes and rivers are some of the finest in Northern Michigan, making Manistee a "recreational hotspot" for water enthusiasts of all types.




Each spring, Deputy Sekuris will teach the Michigan Boating Basics Course in area schools. We offer this course to every school system in our county at no charge to the students or the schools. A Michigan Boaters Safety Certificate is then issued upon successful completion of the course. Each year, the Marine Division trains between 150 to 200 students in our county. For information on classes and summer classes call the Marine Division at 231-723-8393 ext.# 23.



From a 300’ freighter, to a small kayak, each person on board must have a  personal flotation devices or P.F.D.

• On a boat 16’ and over you must have a wearable P.F.D for each person on board.
• On a boat less than 16’ you may have a wearable or throwable P.F.D.
• The P.F.D. must be USCG approved.

Vessel Registration.

• Any vessel that has a motor of any type must have the registration numbers on each side of the forward half of the vessel and a current validation decal.
• The vessel operator must also carry the vessels certificate of registration on board.

Navigation Lights.

• Navigation lights help you and other boaters determine which is the give-way vessel when encountering each other at night. These lights must be displayed from sunset to sunrise.
• Any vessel with a motor must have sidelights, red on port, green on starboard, and a white light in the stern.
• Non-powered vessels rowboats, canoes, kayaks must have a white light.

Fire Extinguishers

• A vessel including PWC’s must have a fire extinguisher if any of the following conditions exist.
• Closed compartments under seat where portable fuel tanks may be stored.
• Closed storage compartments in which flammable or combustible materials may be stored.
• Closed living spaces
• Double bottoms not sealed to the hull or which are not completely filled with flotation material.
• Permanently installed fuel tanks.

Requirements Specific to Personal Watercraft (PWC)

• Must have registration numbers and current validation decal along with the certificate of registration.
• Each person onboard must have on a wearable PFD.
• Must have a fire extinguisher.
• The lanyard of a PWC’s ignition safety switch must be attached to the person.

** Any person born after December 31, 1978 must have a boating safety  certificate to operate a PWC.









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